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Winning the Training Game

An article from Training Magazine said:

Menambahkan gamification dalam training bukan hanya tentang memberikan efek fun di training. Gamification meningkatkan efisiensi training, meningkatkan motivasi agar dapat memberikan keuntungan bisnis yang lebih dengan cara meningkatkan efisiensi training, menambah motivasi pekerja agar performa kerjanya lebih baik dan meningkatkan kesuksesan perusahaan.

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How Gamification Can Improve Employee Training

From Technology Advice:

Gamification, or the use of game dynamics in a non-game context, will yield powerful results for employee training. One of the most beneficial aspects of gamified training is that it adds fun and excitement to a previously boring procedure. While arduous training programs can discourage incoming employees, game dynamics can increase engagement and morale.

Increased engagement means that employees will better remember the content of the training. While a basic training program might deliver the necessary information, a gamified platform will allow for deeper interaction between the user and material. Many organizations waste resources when employees complete their training process but retain minimal knowledge. A fully engaging platform will lead to educated employees that can get to work right away.

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Winning the Talent Game: How Gamification Is Impacting Business and HR


…Gamification, like the name suggests, selectively uses the mechanics that bring out people’s natural desires for competition, achievement, status, self-expression, altruism and closure when faced with a real-life situation in the form of a game. The ways in which we play these games, and then demonstrate these characteristics, can help line and HR managers gain insight from information about us.

For instance, a software firm hosts an engaging contest, such as a coding challenge, to assess the candidates with their coding skills. Traditionally, traits such as entrepreneurial spirit, quick decision-making and problem-solving attitude are taken at face value based on answers to interview questions. A stock brokerage has people play ‘Ring the Bottle’ as you did possibly when you were a child to assess their achievement orientation. Gamification, on the other hand, offers the opportunity to simulate the working environment and create a selection technique that chooses the best talent. For example, Marriott Hotels launched a mobile app that makes candidates virtually perform hotel service industry tasks. This provides insight into how the candidate would approach real work and it helps eliminate those applicants lacking the patience or aptitude for the job.

Today, many companies provide ready-to-deploy gamification solutions. Often, they can go live in just a few weeks. These modules focus on creating an engaging experience by using badges, points and leaderboards, rather than just visual stimulation as seen in conventional games. Leaderboards specifically infuse the feeling of constructive competition, accomplishment and help assess if people network with their peers, which are stronger drivers of behavior than the proverbial “interview.”

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Gamification: Three Ways To Use Gaming for Recruiting, Training, and Health & Wellness

An interesting article from Jeanne Meister on Forbes May 2012:

… Tingginya ketertarikan terhadap gamification dimulai dari keinginan untuk meningkatkan tingkat keterikatan antar pekerja dan membangun suasana kerja yang lebih terbuka, sistematis dan menghargai. Dari angka keterikatan yang dirilis oleh Gallup, 71% pekerja di Amerika Serikat merasa “tidak terikat” dengan pekerjaannya, sehingga gamification menjadi salah satu agenda yang dipilih oleh Chief Human Resource Officer untuk diadakan di tempat kerja.

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